Business is navigating through an increasingly interconnected, complex, and turbulent world – navigating through uncharted waters. Amidst this uncertainty, the global community has come together and designed a global call to action in hopes of providing a compass that can guide all key stakeholders, including business, toward a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive society. In this vein, while the Sustainable Development Goals were designed for and approved by governments, they are also emerging as the global framework against which business contributions to society will be measured, how companies will be seen to “win with purpose.”

As such, there are a number of compelling reasons for business to pursue social impact and engage with the SDGs. Beyond the need to heed society’s calls for greater transparency and accountability, business increasingly recognizes that blending purpose with profit can generate a unique competitive advantage well-suited to more selective and discerning consumers and investors. Research shows that there are 5 drivers of financial value, powered by 3 notable trends enhancing value creation. The biggest business opportunity is presented in 5 key, promising sectors.

5Drivers of Financial Value

  • Generate new revenue
  • Recruit and retain talent
  • Increase supply chain resilience
  • Spawn investor interest
  • Assure license to operate

3Notable Trends

  • Transformative Technology
  • Responsible Governance
  • Partnerships

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