While the case for inclusive business suggests that opportunities need not be industry specific, there are industries within which the potential opportunities are more acute, given the potential for financial success (market need), proven business models and the SDG impact potential.

  • Potential for financial success

  • Proven business models

    Proven business models indicate successful strategies are possible and profitable

    • Focus on scalability, especially through technology
    • Elements modularization for the sake of affordability
    • Prioritization of local distribution and even local assembly / manufacturing
  • Potential for SDG impact

    • Sector’s integral role in the daily lives of the BOP
    • Promise for job creation (SDG 8)
    • Potential for improved productivity and earning power for the BOP (SDG 10)
    • Contribution to greater wellbeing and helping BOP households lift themselves out of poverty (SDG 1)

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