About the Toolkit

This toolkit was designed as a practical reference for business leaders as they seek to best position their companies for future success in the context of the SDGs. With considerations tailored to each company’s level of experience with inclusive business, the content is broadly applicable across the private sector. It also offers implications for actors seeking to design a more inclusive global ecosystem. Governments and social sector organizations can use this content to help support business leaders in developing inclusive businesses.

As a new era of purposeful business dawns, the strategies discussed are not solely intended to foster inclusive business for the purposes of advancing Global Goals, but to advise companies on a sustainable and profitable path forward.


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    What are the SDGs and why do they matter for business?

    At the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit on 25 September 2015


    What is inclusive business and where are the opportunities?

    Practically speaking, a company engages in inclusive business by providing goods, services

Maturity Diagnostic

The Inclusive Business Maturity Diagnostic aims to help you understand where your company is in terms of inclusive business maturity stage. Understanding the current maturity level of inclusive business can help your company plan the next steps towards building a sustainable, commercially-viable and scalable SDG-relevant inclusive business.

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